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Course Outlines | Several Political Economy Courses Taught at the University of Regina by John W. Warnock

Course Outlines - University of Regina


by John W. Warnock


NOTE: I have retired from teaching at the University of Regina. The last course I taught was in 2003. Therefore, these course outlines may seem out of date. But I have decided to keep them posted on this web site. They serve as a reminder to students and others of how social science was once taught, before the ideological and political assault of post modernism.



(1) Department of Sociology and Social Science


Sociology 217: Social Structure of Rural Societies
An examination of the changing structures of rural life. The course will examine rural structures in the context of peasant societies, capitalist societies, and contemporary non-capitalist societies. Various theories of rural social change will be examined with an emphasis on the transformation of rural social structures.

Soc 217 Course Outline

(2) Faculty of Social Work


Social Work 421: Social Work in Rural Settings
Rural social problems and issues as well as the political and economic settings in which they occur will be explored. Theories and concepts useful in the performance of rural social work will be a major focus.

SW 419 Course Outline

(3) Department of Sociology and Social Science


Sociology 203: The Industrialization Process in Canada
The Origins and development of the industrialization process in Canada. This course will consider the impact of industrialization on social relations, institutional structures, value systems and patterns of regional development.

Soc 203 Course Outline

(4) Department of Political Science


Political Science 231: The Political Economy of Continentalism
An examination of the political economy of Canada in the era of continental integration. This will include the role of the parties, the state, and economic interest groups.

PSCI 231 Course Outline

(5) Department of Sociology and Social Science


Social Studies 110: Introduction to the Mass Media 
An introduction to analysis and discussion of the mass media of communication in modern industrial social structures, sociological theories of media and ideology, with a special emphasis on Canada.

SOST 110 Course Outline


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