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Political Economy of Continentalism

 University of Regina

Department of Political Science

 Political Economy of Continentalism

Political Science 231-060 
Spring session 1998  M - TH, 9:30 am to 10:45 am   Lab Building 206

Instructor: Dr. John W. Warnock                         


NOTE: This course is required for all majors in political science. 




This course will be an introduction to political economy as an academic discipline in the context of an examination of the relationship between Canada and the United States. Originally social science was interdisciplinary, beginning with Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and others. While the European tradition carried over to Canada, a particular Canadian political economy evolved which reflected Canada's status as a white settler country under the restrictions of colonial and imperial powers. During the Vietnam war period, a neo-Marxist dependency approach to political economy developed, followed by a more traditionalist Marxist school.

While students will be given a background to Canadian-American relations, particularly through the readings, the class will focus on the integration of Canada with the United States that developed during World War II and after. Most important, of course, is the recent Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


COURSE REQUIREMENTS:    Students are expected to prepare a research paper for the course which will count for 50% of the final mark; it is due on June 15. Selection of a topic must be made in consultation with the instructor. There will be a final exam which will count for 50% of the final mark.




(1) Edelgard E. Mahant and Graeme S. Mount. An Introduction to Canadian American Relations. Toronto: Nelson Canada, 1989. 2nd edition. Paperback.    


(2) Christopher D. Merrett. Free Trade; Neither Free Nor about Trade. Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1996. Paperback.    


(3) Gary Teeple. Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform. Toronto: Garamond Press, 1995. Paperback.     


(4) Other reading will be placed on reserve for the course in the Main Library.




May 6 - 7.  Introduction to the course. What is political economy? Organization of the research project.   



Wallace Clement and Glen Williams, "The New Canadian Political Economy."  
Mahant and Mount, Chapters 1 through 4. 


May 11 - 14.  The Canadian tradition of political economy.                     


Janine Brodie, "Theories of Regional Self Balance."
Brodie, "Theories of Regional Imbalance." Mahant and Mount, Chapter 5 & 6. 


May 18 - 21. The Impact of World War II and the development of Canadian foreign and defence policy.                       


Paul Phillips and Stephen Watson, "From Mobilization to Continentalism."
Stephen Clarkson, "NATO, NORAD and Canada's Military Options."  
Mahant and Mount, Chapter 7.  


May 25 - 28.  Developing the north-south dependency: trade, foreign investment and culture.                      



Glen Norcliffe, "Foreign Trade in Goods and Services."
Alan D. Macpherson, "Shifts in Canadian Direct Investment Abroad and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada."
Mahant and Mount, Chapters 8 - 10.


June 1 - 4. The international economic crisis, neoliberalism and U.S. geopolitical strategy.                      


Gary Teeple, Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform.


June 8 - 11. The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Christopher Merrett, Free Trade: Neither Free Nor about Trade.


June 15 - 18  Developing alternatives to globalization and continentalism.                       



Complete Teeple and Merrett.




Students are to prepare a research paper for the course. It should follow the traditional format for a social science research paper, including footnotes and a bibliography. The maximum length of the paper is to be ten pages of text or around 2500 words. The paper will count for 50% of the final mark. Students are expected to use scholarly sources. Students should select their topics as soon as possible. The research paper is due June 15, 1998.

Because of limited book resources in the library, students will find it necessary to rely heavily on scholarly journals, periodicals and even newspapers. Students should know how to use the CD-ROM resource services and the interlibrary loan service for journal articles. Copies of most journal articles not in our library can be obtained from the University of Alberta Library in three days. The Library is in the process of adopting on line internet access to scholarly journals. There is a great deal of basic material on globalization and free trade which can be accessed through the Internet.

Students are expected to adopt an analytical and critical approach to the research topic. This means that students should be able to identify and use both "mainstream" and "critical" sources. Students are expected to examine the different perspectives to an issue and then provide a conclusion which reflects their own opinion. The paper should not take the form of an advocacy brief.


Topics are to be chosen in consultation with the instructor.



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